The MEMI CD compilation series.

From 1996 to 2001 MEMI, the former no. 1 online magazine for electronic music, and the DIGITSTUDIOS established the CD compilation project "hidden treasures". This unique project was a platform for Electronic Music newcomers to publish their most intersting tracks to a broad public - long before Soundcloud, Bandcamp & Co. saw the light of day (i.e. the web ;) ...

The project turned into a well-known and valuated size of the Electronic Music scene and the releases of the compilations CDs "hidden treasures vol. I-III" (in 1997, 1998 and 1999) had already been praised by the crowd. Awards like "Best Electronic CD of the Year" (schallwende elections 1998) and "CD of the Month" (Keyboards Magazine) emphasized both - high quality and success - of the "hidden treasures" series.

With their fourth (and up to now last) release "hidden treasures vol. IV" in 2001 MEMI, DIGIT-Productions and the German label Prudence Records stepped into a new dimension: For the first time the 2-CD-box "hidden treasures vol. IV" also contained several tracks of well-known electronic music artists - such as rare and previously unreleased tracks by Bernd Kistenmacher, Joachim Roedelius, Alquimia, Peter Gorges, Michael Rother and Peter Mergener. Moreover the musical range of the "hidden treasures" series now was considerably extended towards more modern electronic styles like drum'n'bass, trip-hop or trance.

The concept of bringing Electronic Music newcomers and stars together to form a very special and charming compilation of classical and modern electronic music payed off: "hidden treasures vol. IV" became the most successful release of the series so far - with even more awards and the largest number of copies sold of all DIGITSTUDIOS releases.

You can still get one of the rare last copies of the "hidden treasures vol. IV" 2-CD-box using the online order form at > www.digitstudios.de/shop/.